The Instruments Used

In order to create all the songs included in the album, there were different sounds or musical instruments that were used. “Healing through sound” is like the goal of Matt Coldrick. He wanted to help the listeners who are being stressed out due to a stressful environment to experience the healing power of music. With his exploration of sounds, the album was created. All of the songs under this relaxing and meditative ambient album were created with the help of different sounds produced by various instruments.

The instruments used to produce the sounds for the album includes Celtic harps, Nye flutes, acoustic guitars, Tibetan bells and bowls, Swedish lyres, and gamelan. The album starts with the crown chakra and works down to the base wherein sweeping resonant synths were introduced for the base. These sweeping resonant synths move gently over a number of harmonics and it has a subtle effect of balancing and attuning the body. The main purpose of the album is to promote a state of relaxation for those who listen.

If there were no musical instruments used, then the main purpose of the album will not be achieved. Through the instruments, it is possible for all writers, composers, and producers of music to create albums and beautiful songs that can help the listeners to feel relaxed especially if the music is a relaxing one. To those who listen to the songs contained in the album, they can listen to it while having a massage, yoga, meditation, reiki, and all forms of relaxation techniques.