Purpose of the Album

“Music for a Busy Head” is one of the deep ambient albums that was created to aid relaxation and provide a perfect antidote for today’s stressful living. No one can avoid the feeling of being stressed. And listening to a relaxing music is one of the best way to help the listeners experience its  benefits. Listening to the music contained in the said album brings effects on the psyche. The writer and producer of this album, Matt Coldrick, explored some music techniques with the involvement of reiki.

Reiki is one of the healing techniques that is believed to help restore a person’s physical and emotional well-being. Matt Coldrick actually have founded and spent several years with pioneering trance act, The Green Nuns. As he explored the techniques of changing the resonance and timbre sound, this album was created. The said album has seven works. In other words, it contains seven songs. The first song is identified as the “crown chakra” and ends with a base song. The songs follow a pattern used by reiki practitioners.

Listening to just one of the songs in the album will not give the listener a subtle chakra balance. It was believed that when you listen to the whole album, then that’s the time that you can experience the lowering of your metabolism and the tempo can also induce a state of semi-consciousness wherein the body does its own best healing work. After listening to all the songs contained in the album, you can experience a perfect antidote.